Michael Rosso
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Be Like You


Go ahead now throw your bottle
And break things like you always do
Mommy I'm just a child but
I understand all the wrong you do

Go on now scream your lungs off
And put me down like you like to do
I know one thing's for sure that
I don't ever wanna be like you

Cause I know there's more to life than
This hell I live with you
I've been through difficult times
But I'm gonna make it through

And I know the day will come when
I'll get my chance to be
A better person than you
Could ever be you'll see

I'm never, gonna, be like you
After all the, things you, put me through
Gonna do the, things you, couldn't do
No I'm never gonna be like you

Go ahead now raise your hand up
Hit me like you always do
Daddy I'm just a child but
I've never been afraid of you

Come on now take your belt off
And beat me till I'm black and blue
I know one thing's for sure that
I ain't ever gonna be like you

Cause I've been too sad for too long
And I've cried too many nights
I've seen the good and bad times
I've seen both sides of life

And I know the day will come when
I'll get my chance to be
A better dad than you could
Have ever been you'll see


Daddy you should be ashamed
Because you should have been the one
To hold me tight inside your arms to
You show me how to love a son

And mommy you should of know better
Or at least you could have tried
To keep our family together
And to keep our love alive

Believe me it's ok I know that you
Don't mean those things you do
But I'm gon' turn it all around
And make it better

Cause every night before I fall asleep
I promise myself that
I will never, ever, be like you


Lyric Credits: Michael Rosso
Music Credits: Michael Rosso
Producer Credits: Michael Rosso

Short Song Description:
Song is about a child/children who are phyisically/verbally abused by their parents and vow to never be like them when they grow up.

Song Length: 4:10
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: Pop-General
Tempo / Feel: Fast (151 - 170)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Dysfunctional Family
Subject Matter 2: Baby, Children
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later